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Product Guide – Digital Place for Local Public Services Dec 2022

By Dr Gavin Beckett
2022-12-09 14:51:52
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Discover our product guide for, 'Digital Place for Local Public Services'. We continually update our products and release updates throughout the year. 

Your integrated platform for making and re-using websites and digital services. Re-use cubes co-developed with Councils, create new services using Placecube’s low-code Form Builder and Case Management cubes, or use the full-code development capabilities of the embedded Liferay DXP. Cloud-based, open-source and fully scalable to accelerate your digital transformation.

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Our open platforms are co-created with the public sector for the public sector. We make it simpler for you to create services, integrate systems and personalise user experiences. Together we make your users’ digital journeys easier, faster and better connected.

We work with you to build your Digital Place – your open and connected platform. We accelerate your digital journey through the reuse of existing digital services. We work collaboratively, ensuring that our clients never pay twice for the same development. And we differentiate ourselves through our actions and behaviours, living by the core principle of ‘Doing the right thing’.

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Dr Gavin Beckett

About The Author

Dr Gavin Beckett

Dr Gavin Beckett leads Placecube's product management and user experience design teams, working with customers to understand the problems they need to solve, and collaborating with them to develop solutions in Placecube's Digital Place software as a service products, built on Liferay DXP. Digital Place offers a rapid way for organisations across the private sector, local public services, health, housing and communities to adopt open standards and open source based digital services, co-designed with customers, for re-use.  Prior to joining Placecube, Gavin spent 20 years in UK local government, where in his roles as Chief Enterprise Architect and Chief Digital Officer he led the design and delivery of digital services to improve residents and businesses experiences.

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