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Product Guide – Digital Place for Communities Dec 2022

By Liz Copeland
2022-12-09 14:52:22

Discover our product guide for, 'Digital Place for Local Communities. We continually update our products and release updates throughout the year.

Digital Place for Communities is your easy-to-use place for knowledge collaboration and sharing between teams, co-workers, and communities wherever they are. Enable members to work together, share insight, ideas and experience and ensure your organisation reduces costs through re-using existing, proven technology, rather than replicating similar bespoke systems. 

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This UK-based, open, cloud-hosted platform is designed to drive engagement with a digital experience that inspires greater contribution from your users, whilst recommending content that’s most relevant to you. Now it’s easy to bring all of your information and users together in one place, with a consistent digital experience across every device.

Operate your Digital Place in a flexible way to meet your organisational needs, whether it be an intranet, an extranet, or a mixture of both. Create and content manage information pages, news, and communications, build engaged communities of practice and integrate with your own existing systems.

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Liz Copeland

About The Author

Liz Copeland

Liz supports clients through the set-up and implementation of Digital Place for Communities platforms, bringing over 15 years’ experience in leading online collaboration and knowledge sharing projects. Experienced supporting customers from across the public sector including the Cabinet Office, Local Government Association, Police Digital Service, Health Education England, Improvement Service for Scotland and Historic England among others, she plays a key client liaison role. Working with customers to understand their needs and requirements, helping them plan and develop their digital spaces, she advises them on how to get the best from digital knowledge sharing and collaboration tools. Liz works with the Digital Place for Communities product team to develop and improve the product, ensuring client feedback and ideas are included in product development.

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