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Working together to beat COVID-19

By Jason Fahy
2020-11-04 10:37:00
Working together to beat COVID-192

We are delighted that our Knowledge Hub platform is being used by so many public sector workers to support their amazing national, regional and local efforts to beat the pandemic. But we aren’t writing this to promote technology, instead, we want to acknowledge the vital efforts and knowledge of our public sector colleagues and networks. With these signposts, we want to make it easier for you to get to know about them, so that you can join in too and use this shared knowledge to co-ordinate your own local response.

Signposting you to COVID-19 Groups

Here’s a list of some of the great groups and networks actively leading the fight right now. Many of these members are making a valuable contribution supporting the frontline whilst many others are doing the vital planning and thinking for not only this wave of the pandemic but what comes beyond it as we rebuild a strong UK and an even stronger digitally reinforced public sector.

Knowledge Hub groups are run by public sector workers, working together to support each other and share information. You can find a full list of COVID-19 groups and assets using this search. We are also updating the list of COVID-19 response groups in the KHub Connects group forum. KHub Connects is an open group, so if you’re not already a member, feel free to join and find out more. You may find that some of the groups below are restricted by their owners to allow members-only access for security reasons. To access Restricted Groups – just visit the group page and request access directly via the group facilitators.

Group Description
Covid-19 Directors of Public Health The LGA is liaising with Public Health England (PHE), the Department for Health and Social Care and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government regarding the emerging outbreak of the Coronavirus. Local authority Directors of Public Health are also in close contact with PHE. This is a restricted space primarily for Local Authority staff and partners to share updates, expertise and practice on the evolving situation with Covid-19.
COVID-19 Public Mental Health  This is a group for people who want to address the mental health impact of the COVID19 pandemic. It is aimed at practitioners, psychologists and public health people. It is designed to help us take a population approach to the psychological burdens of COVID19 and to create and share tools and good practice for others to use in reducing the burden of mental ill-health from COVID19.
Covid-19 Support for Local Public Sector A place to find Covid-19 related resources and support for local public sector in one place. Supported by iNetwork, open to all local public sector organisations, including Councils, Police, Fire, Housing, Transport, health.
(IS) Carers Centres
COVID-19 Group 
An Improvement Service network space for Carers Centre managers to discuss issues, concerns, and share ideas and practice around supporting carers during COVID19.
Local Area Research and Intelligence Association (LARIA) The LARIA group (Local Area Research and Intelligence Association) have a thread about using data for COVID-19.
Primary Authority Supermarkets Group (PASG) PASG comprises primary authority officers and their supermarket partners who work together within the Primary Authority scheme. The focus of the PASG is regulatory compliance in the trading standards.
COVID-19 Guidance for Councillors
(PDF download)
Published 19 March by the LGA, this guidance has been developed to assist elected councillors, focusing on specific issues relevant to councillors’ involvement in our work leading and protecting communities, as well as in delivering the full range of our normal services.

Start your own group

Free-to-use: time for you to start your own group and make the most of these knowledge sharing tools.

Working remotely? With a range of free-to-use online collaboration tools at your fingertips, now is the time to use them! Explore the many features that can help you be more productive working in groups online. With these tools you can find new ways for your group to interact, share, learn and work together. Encourage participation and help your members to engage, connect and work effectively across your project, programme, organisation, profession, locality or sector. You don’t have to use every tool – just pick the ones that will best support you today.

The Knowledge Hub team have published more about the free tools you can use in this PDF guide.

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