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Why do local public services need a digital platform?

By Jason Fahy
2021-02-24 11:19:00
Why do local public services need a digital platform

Watch how Placecube’s Digital Place helps #FixThePlumbing to improve customers and colleagues experiences alike.

Through more than 15 years working alongside the public sector, we’ve seen that despite the ambition to #FixThePlumbing , local authorities have continued to struggle with legacy systems from proprietary providers. Despite the collective ambition through the Local Digital Declaration to build services for the internet age, there is still too much siloed working and not enough re-use. This all compounds to decelerate progress in building well-designed, integrated customer experiences.

For a brief introduction to the challenges that Placecube’s Digital Place seeks to address, we’ve created this short animation. It lasts less than 160 seconds.



Digital Place equips authorities to build on open source, to open standards, take back control from proprietary providers, re-use quality digital services, consolidate legacy apps and ultimately improve the customer experience. As a result of re-use, open standards and the global leading technology we deploy, we are confident we can show you how Digital Place can help you overcome the challenges to #FixThePlumbing.

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