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Short Demos – A Brief Introduction to Digital Place

By Liz Copeland
2022-07-11 18:53:00
Product Guide – Digital Place for Communities

Got 2 and a half minutes?  Check out this short animation that shows the principles that lead us to create Digital Place. 

For a brief introduction to the principles that led us to create Digital Place, we put together this short animation. It lasts less than 150 seconds.


How does Digital Place help?

Digital Place is helping to #FixThePlumbing by providing an Open Integration Platform that creates better connected digital places for local public service providers. It is designed to equip those who are facing the challenge of integrating a patchwork of systems to deliver the simple service experiences users expect to get online … like booking appointments, claiming for things, paying for things or getting help from the council.

We’ve used 15 years’ experience working alongside local government, helping to make digital projects more affordable. We take well-designed services, package them as re-usable digital building blocks, integrating services from end-to-end, and using data to deliver user experiences that are simple and personalised to the individual.

As a result of re-use, open standards and the global leading technology we deploy, we are confident we can show you how Digital Place delivers better, more efficient and accessible services for less money. This also answers the government’s call for all new code to be open source (not proprietary), enabling service transformation to span across every local provider.


So what could your Digital Place look like?

A variety of design styles are available out-of-the-box, consistent with standards of accessibility, user experience and service design as recommended by the updated Government Service Standard (see the GOV.UK Blog). Of course, these can be customised or entirely re-designed to meet your precise specification.


See an example now…

To save you time familiarising with our product, below we have created a series of short videos demonstrating just some of the basic features of Digital Place.

Demo 01:
A simple introduction to the Content Management System of Digital Place


Demo 02:
A brief demonstration of the Citizen Account feature of Digital Place


Demo 03:
A brief demonstration of how to build simple forms with Digital Place


Demo 04:
A brief demonstration of a simple service – how to report a housing repair with Digital Place


We hope this has been helpful to provide you with a brief introduction to Digital Place as a sample of just a few of the core features available.

See the Cube List for a summary of the complete range of features and services available as part of your Digital Place subscription.

See all features and services in the Cube List

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Liz Copeland

Liz supports clients through the set-up and implementation of Digital Place for Communities platforms, bringing over 15 years’ experience in leading online collaboration and knowledge sharing projects. Experienced supporting customers from across the public sector including the Cabinet Office, Local Government Association, Police Digital Service, Health Education England, Improvement Service for Scotland and Historic England among others, she plays a key client liaison role. Working with customers to understand their needs and requirements, helping them plan and develop their digital spaces, she advises them on how to get the best from digital knowledge sharing and collaboration tools. Liz works with the Digital Place for Communities product team to develop and improve the product, ensuring client feedback and ideas are included in product development.

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